Game Design using Scratch (Irvington High School) Mon - 5:00 pm to 6 pm

Game Design using Scratch (Irvington High School) Mon - 5:00 pm to 6 pm


Move over Minecraft and PlayStation, as Code for fun guides children in learning programming. Using basic computer science concepts, your child will build his or her own stories and create games that they can share with classmates and you!

Code for fun provides a great balance between “Plugged” and “Unplugged” activities, and keeps the sessions interactive. During this activity packed week, your children will use ELA (English Language Art) skills and:

  • Choose or build their own story.
  • Use computational thinking.
  • Write a program. 
  • Digitally tell their story.
  • Learn the different types of computer games. 
  • Be taught the elements used to construct a computer game.  
  • Learn how to make a game step-by-step (sequencing).
  • Create a game with the entire class. 
  • Design a game with a classmate. 
  • Use block programming to code their game.  
  • Play each other’s games.
  • And importantly, they will learn how to provide constructive feedback.

Monday from 5 pm to 6 pm

Recommended grade: 4th-6th Grade

Recommended age: 10-13 years old

Start Date: 9/18

End Date: 12/18 

13 sessions (approximatively)


Irvington High School

41800 Blacow Rd

Fremont, CA 94528, United States

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