Game Design (Hirsch Elementary) Wed 1:40pm - 2:40pm

Game Design (Hirsch Elementary) Wed 1:40pm - 2:40pm


Scratch is an amazing platform for young students to learn programming skills and computational thinking. This class is for both beginners and intermediate levels. Students who are new to Scratch will learn, how they can use a few blocks to create an animation, a cartoon, a simple game, or create music. Students with more experience will work on more advanced concepts like modularity, data structures, and algorithms. They will also see how extensions to scratch can make their programs more dynamic.

Additional unplugged activities are included in this program to teach students other concepts of Computer Science (Binary, Hardware etc...). They earn badges that count towards their Adventure Owls level from Code for fun.

Wednesday 1:40pm - 2:40pm

First class: 9/20

Last class: 12/20

Recommended age: 9-12 years old

Recommended grade: 4th-6th


Hirsch Elementary

41399 Chapel Way
Fremont, CA 94528, United States

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