Python 101 (Builder Owl) - Wed 6pm-7:30pm

Python 101 (Builder Owl) - Wed 6pm-7:30pm


Programming fosters creativity, logic and problem-solving. This course provides a fun introduction to programming using Python.It is designed for motivated children with little experience with programming. The students will explore:


Python Data Types, Variables, Lists

Perform simple control flow operations using if statements and loops.

Learn how to reuse code with functions.

Create simple animations using Turtle and Tkinter modules.

The basics of classes and objects.

Each concept learned is reinforced with programming puzzles.

Students will be developing a graphical game at the end based on the concepts of events and different animation techniques. Check out this video for students' testimony

Wednesday 6:00pm - 7:30pm

First class: 9/20

Last class: 12/20

14 sessions (approximately)

Recommended age: 12-15 years old

Recommended grade: 7th-10th

Level: Builder Owl


Learning Center

6600 Dumbarton Circle, Suite #117 42USA  
Fremont, CA 94555, United States

Testimony from parents:

"My son and his three friends have been enjoying your class very much.  My son had actually come home every day this week and has told me he had fun in class. Thank you so much for offering this class."

"My daughter got her first exposure to coding via CodeForFun’s spring camp. Kids implemented Pong game using Python, gimp and Turtle Logo. I first hand witnessed how the instructor made the experience really interesting for the kids and ignited the spark for further learning."

What do the students say?

"I really enjoyed the structure of learning a concept first and then applying it to our game and really liked the Turtle unplugged activity. It makes you learn how the computer thinks" - B, 11 years.

I liked learning object oriented programming and making on Pong game" - J, 11 years

Video of a camp with this program

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