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Level 1 - Adventure City (Ages 7 to 10)

Level 1 - Adventure City (Ages 7 to 10)

Level 2 - Creative City (Ages 9 to 11)

Level 2 - Creative City (Ages 9 to 11)

Level 3 - Builder City (Ages 12 to 15)

Level 3 - Builder City (Ages 12 to 15)


a Computer Science Learning Path

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What is Cody City?


This Cody City program offers semi-private lessons to help students boost their technology skills from programming, hardware, robotics to computational thinking, and collaboration skills. The students code their way up from one level to the next, following a learning path defined with their coach. Students work together on projects, in small groups, and receive once a month a 1:1 coaching session to assess and redefined their learning path.

This program combines individualized learning in a collaborative environment which is designed to encourage independent thinking and creativity while developing the necessary soft skills for success.

Knowledge, practice, experience and confidence gained by participating in our program will prepare our graduates for high school education in fields related to computer science as well as the ability to apply it in fields of their choice with a consideration for social impact.


The program provides the following for all participating students:

·       vehicle to learn CS concepts and programming skills

·       opportunity to create and explore with programming

·       space and devices to interact and code

·       mentorship for an accelerated path

·       personal coaching for deeper immersion into CS and programming

·       avenue for pursuing passion and learning curiosity

·       preparation for future education and careers

·       exposure to CS with an emphasis on social impact

·       social interaction to boost confidence and promote emotional learning

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How much does it cost?

Students come once a week for $120/month or twice a week for $160/month. We charge an upfront registration fee of $60

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What is the age group?

This program is designed for students from 7 to 15 years old. Students are assessed at the beginning and placed according to their level to Adventure Owl, Creative Owl or Builder Owl level. They work on different skills to earn badges. After earning their necessary badges, they can move up a level. Our age recommendation for each level is:

  • Adventure Owl (7 to 10 years)

  • Creative Owl (9 - 11 years)

  • Builder Owl (12 – 15 years)

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What do the students learn?

Code for fun's pedagogy does not only focus on coding but on the 5 principles of Computer Science, defined by the K-12 Computer Science Framework: (Computing Systems, Networks and the Internet, Data and Analysis, Algorithms and Programming, Impacts of Computing)

In each level (Adventure, Creative and Builder), students will build competencies to earn the following badges: 

  • Computing Systems

  • Cybersecurity/ Network & Internet

  • Algorithm and Programming

  • Data and Analysis

  • Impact of Computing

After evaluation, the coach will define a learning path for each student. All instruction is project based and students will be assigned projects to complete individually or as a group. 

Example of a project for the Builder Owl: Create a computing artifact that will allow you to run a simulation and answer a question in the real world. For this project, students will be given the necessary lessons to learn how to program a simulation and then will need to think about a real case scenario to simulate. Their final project will need to be presented in an essay or presentation. 

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What programming language do students learn?

When working on their Algorithm/Programming badge, students will be exposed to many different languages while building their projects. We don't consider language as a goal but an accessory that help students build their computing artifact. Therefore, we keep our exposure fairly wide. Students can be programming in Scratch and Java in the same level if their projects are more adapted to those languages.

At Code for fun, most of our instructors and computer science engineers or computer science students and have a very deep connection with different languages used today. 

In general, our students learn the following languages:

  • Scratch

  • Logo Programming

  • Blockly

  • Snap!

  • Java (For Arduino)

  • HTML/JavaScript

  • Python

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When and where are the sessions?


This program offers two options on enrollment:

1. One class/week – each class is for one hour

2. Two classes/week  – each class is for one hour

Students will meet at our learning center: 

Code for fun

6600 Dumbarton Circle - Suite 121

Fremont, CA 94555

Sessions schedule:

  • Tuesdays evening 6pm-7pm

  • Wednesdays evening 6pm-7pm

  • Saturdays morning 9am-10am

    More sessions to come!!!

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