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A Global Giving Movement

December 3, 2019



 Boost#CS education movement


Code for fun is a 501 c-(3) non profit organization. We provide Computer Science #CS training for teachers and after-school coding classes and camps for children in Elementary, Middle and High Schools. 

Help us encourage the next generation's to consider academic and career paths in the tech field by giving a gift today. 


 We want to make #CS education accessible to all students.


Founder and Executive Director Code for fun


There is a sense of urgency in getting the next generation ready to embrace the challenges of the 21st century.

We, at Code for fun, provide an equitable access for all children as diversity in students’ population represents diversity in our workforce. 

Computer Science #CS is a skill in today’s advanced world. Let's bring it to all children.

"Boost #CS education movement support us!"


 #Support CodingForAll

What I Can Do

#Donate@ CodeForFunUSA

 Support Coding for 10,000 students

Give $50

Offer 1 hour of code in 1 classroom

 Expand Hack High School everywhere


Donate $250

Sponsors 1 scholarship for 1 student

 Amplify training for teachers


Contribute $100

Provide 1 training for 1 teacher


 Donation Details 

Mailing Address 

123 Anywhere St., Any City, State, Country 12345 

Email Address 

Phone Number 

(123) 456 7890 

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