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Coding for ages 14 to 18

Second Semester starts on January 11th

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Hack High School is a computer science (CS) weekly coding course. The curriculum allows students to advance at their own pace and to actively take ownership of their learning.

APCSP Exam Option: Students have also the choice to be prepared for the AP Computer Science Principles (APCSP) exam.

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY     All High School students are welcome


All High School students are welcome

PROJECT-BASED & FUN   Structured projects including challenges and a build-in motivation system  Peer-to-peer participation with the support of our mentors


Structured projects including challenges and a build-in motivation system

Peer-to-peer participation with the support of our mentors

PREPARE TO THE APSCP EXAM  Instructor led preparation for APCSP Exam


Instructor led preparation for APCSP Exam


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Parents & students are invited to join us during our next


Hack High School (H2S) is a 2 semester coding course starting September, 14th 2019 and happening every Saturday from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.


Choose to participate either to one Or both Semesters:

I: September 14, 2019 through December 14, 2019

II: January 11, 2020 through May 23, 2020

Take advantage of our membership levels! Learn More!

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Code for fun Learning Center

6600 Dumbarton Circle

The Lab, 2nd Floor

Fremont, CA 94555


Frequently Asked Questions

The curriculum is divided into the following tracks

-Intro to Python projects
-Text based games, Graphical games, Game Design using Pygame
-Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures and Cryptographic puzzles.
-Web Development Basics, API’s with Node.js, Machine Learning and Data Mining.

Independent track on

-AP CSP Preparation
-JavaScript with Processing
You can always contact us We will be hosting an information event with parents and students to give you more details about the program
Please scroll to the bottom of this page for a detailed price breakdown.
All cancellations must be submitted no later than the Second Saturday Meetup after the student is registered into the program.

If you cancel your program within:
2 or more weeks prior to the starting date: 75% refund
1-2 weeks prior to the starting date: 50% refund
24 hours or less than 1 week prior to the starting date: 25% refund
Upto 2 weeks after the starting date: 100% refund
More than 2 weeks after the starting date: all fees will be forfeited.

If the participant has a medical condition cancellation will be handled on an individual basis depending on the situation. A medical note will be required for our review. An administration fee of $30 apply may apply to your prior cancellation requests. Note: Code for fun Membership are non-refundable and non transferable. Benefits are subject to change and may be revoked upon misuse.

Python is our default language, but students will be free to use any language they like to solve programming challenges we give them.

There is no focus on specific language in this program. Students will have the freedom to choose which language they would like to use to solve a challenge.
Students will be asked to leave only if they attend the program without turning in any work and demonstrate that they are only interested in playing computer games. They need to work on programming on the days when they are here.
No prior experience required for this program.
We do not have a cap for how many people we will accept yet. And everyone is welcome to join at any time during the program.
You can equate this to a regular AP class, which in normal classroom setting would meet for about 5 hours a week excluding hours spent studying at home. For us, we would expect the students to put in about 3 to 4 hours a week at home on their own and coming in to work with other students for 3 hours on Saturdays.
There is no direct instructor but the curriculum will be written by Kai Drumm, a 42 staff member and Sangita Nath, a Code for fun staff member. In 2010 Kai won an award for receiving the highest number of 5s on AP exams among female students in Texas. 

Last year, 31 HackHighSchool students prepared and took the AP CSP exam and got a score 4 and above.
Yes, we will make an effort to connect groups of people who live in the same area with each other.
No. It is a combination of challenges and face-to-face meetups.
No you will not get any college credit or high school units. You can get AP credits if you choose to register and take the AP CSP and/or AP CSA exams with College Board.
If you want to take the APCSP Option with us, contact our Program Director, HackHighSchool(

You will be enrolled in our APCSP Option at Hack High School.
Important note: The APCSP Option @ Hack High School (H2S) requires a serious commitment to show up at the first semester of H2S coding course happening on September the 14th, 2019 and to keep coming and showing positive attitude and willingness to learn until the end of the second semester in order to be well prepared for the APSCP exam.

Each Hack High School student taking the APCSP Option that will not commit to those requirements will not be well prepared to the APSCP exam.
The program is divided into two semesters. The First Semester is from September 14, 2019 through December 14, 2019 and the Second Semester is from January 11, 2019 through May 23, 2019. Student may attend the first or all two semester. A student need to register for every semester. We meet once a week every Saturday from 1pm to 4:00pm. The pick-up for the students are between 3:30pm to 4:00pm.
Yes, Saturday meetups are mandatory. This is when students will come together to work on their projects, ask questions, present their projects/learning, review and provide feedback.
Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 12.25.40 PM.png

Breakdown of the tuition based on House Income per semester

*If you are applying for a scholarship, please be aware that Code for fun reserves the right to request justification of your income.

Free Scholarships are provided for low income families to help promote computer science education and make it more accessible to anyone.

Parents may be asked to participate to cover the AP registration fee towards the end of the program, however there are scholarships available to waive those fees (the fee for the AP test registration is around $98 plus administrative cost)

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