CS Program for High school students

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In an effort to help provide equality of access to computer science education, Code for fun and 42-School are partnering to offer Computer Science Education to all high school students. H2S is a free, 8-month long course, focused on programming concepts, collaborative work, self-learning habits, ethical coding practice, and preparing the participants for the AP Computer Science Principles (AP CSP) exam.

Students will be working on their projects using a combination of

1) online challenges

2) Saturday afternoon meetups.

Dates: 9/16/2017 to 5/19/2018 (on Saturdays)
Time: 12pm - 4:30pm
Location: University 42-Silicon Valley in Fremont, California



INFORMATION EVENT (for parents & students): Saturday 9/9/2017 1pm-3pm

6600 Dumbarton Circle
Fremont, CA, 94555
United States



Q: What are the students going to learn?

Here are examples of projects students will accomplish:



  • Creating Apps
  • Creating Fractals
  • Creating a 3D Mesh
  • Teaching Artificial Intelligence how to play games
AI game

AI game

Q: What do I need to do to register my child/children?

Legal guardians will need to fill out this registration form to enroll the student.

Students will be contacted by email to invite them to join the next saturday meetup 

3D Mesh

3D Mesh

Q: I am not sure this is a right program for my child, how can I be sure?

Contact us so we can invite you to the next Meetup and come try it out. We will also host an information night with parents and students to give you more details about the program

Q: How much is it going to cost?

This is a free program to help promote computer science education and make it more accessible to anyone. You can choose to donate in order to help us with the cost of this program, but there is no obligation nor any priority given to students whose legal guardian has chosen to donate.

Parents may be asked to participate to cover the AP registration fee towards the end of the program, however there are scholarships available to waive those fees (the fee for the AP test registration is around $98)

Q: What language will you be using in the H2S program?

Ruby is our default language, but students will be free to use any language they like to solve programming challenges we give them.

There is no focus on specific language in this program. Students will have the freedom to choose which language they would like to use to solve a challenge.

Q:What is the attendance policy for this program?

Students will be asked to leave only if they attend the program without turning in any work and demonstrate that they are only interested in playing computer games. If they work on programming on the days when they are here, then they are welcome to continue.

Q: Any prior experience required?

No prior experience required for this program.

Q: How many people are you allowing to join?

We do not have a cap for how many people we will accept yet. And everyone is welcome to join at any time during the program.

Q: How much work per week (meetup plus any additional time required) is expected from a student?

You can equate this to a regular AP class, which in normal classroom setting would meet for about 5 hours a week excluding hours spent studying at home. For us, we would expect the students to put in about 3 to 4 hours a week at home on their own and coming in to work with other students for 3 hours on Saturdays.

Q: Who is the instructor and does he or she has experience with AP exams?

There is no direct instructor but the curriculum will be written by Kai Drumm, a 42 staff member. In 2010 Kai won an award for receiving the highest number of 5s on AP exams among female students in Texas. This is her first year working as an AP instructor.

Q: Can I arrange to carpool with students who are in the program?

Yes, we will make an effort to connect groups of people who live in the same area with each other.

Q: Is it an online course?

It is a combination of online challenges and face-to-face meetups.

Q: Am I offered any college credits or high school units?

You can get AP credits if you choose to register and take the AP CSP and/or AP CSA exams with College Board.

Q: How long is the course going to last?

The program starts from September 16th, 2017 to May 19th, 2018. We meet once a week every Saturday from 12pm to 4:30pm.

Q: Are all meetup (Saturday afternoons) mandatory?

Yes, Saturday meetups are mandatory. This is when students will come together to work on their projects, ask questions, present their projects/learning, review and provide feedback on