CS 3-5th Grade

The set of lesson plans featured on this page (work in progress) is our recommendation for implementing the 5 concepts of computer science in 3rd to 5th grade, as define in K12 CS Framework 

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Networks and the Internet

  • Cyberbullying: in this program from Common Sense Media, students discuss positive and negative aspects of interacting with others online. They learn the definition of cyberbullying and understand how the target might feel.

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Data & Analysis

In this project, students use learn the binary representation of numbers and practice converting from binary to decimal and vice versa.

Additional Videos 

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Computing Devices

  • Coming soon

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Algorithms & Programming

  • Polygons with Scratch: in this program (9 sessions), students are introduced to Scratch (scratch.mit.edu) and create a program to draw different polygons. They are introduced to:

    • Sequential programming

    • Pair programming

    • Loops

    • Conditional

    • Interfaces

    • Events

    • Debugging

    • Feedback