CS K-2nd Grade

The set of lesson plans featured on this page (work in progress) is our recommendation for implementing the 5 concepts of computer science in Kindergarten to 2nd grade, as define in K12 CS Framework 


CS Continuous Learning Curriculum Grades K-2

12 lessons pack

Introduction à l’informatique GS-CE1 (10 leçons) - Français

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Networks and the Internet

  • My Network Connections: in this program of 3 lessons, students create their own networks to exchange information, like computers in the real world.

  • Powerful passwords: through this lesson, from Common Sense Media, Students explore why people use passwords, learn the benefits of using
    passwords, and discover strategies for creating and keeping strong,
    secure passwords.

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Data & Analysis

In this project (2 lessons of 55 min), students use different ways to capture information in order to draw different conclusions. They record animals into the correct categories (habitat, vertebrate/invertebrate...) and learn how to represent data using bar charts, pie charts or other ways.

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Computing Devices

  • What makes a computer a computer? During this program, students

    • Reflect on the things/places surrounding them to find the computing devices.

    • Discover the different elements of a desktop computer

    • Learn about the hardware components inside a computer

  • Create your own computer!

    • Students learn about the main hardware components inside a computer

    • Students create their own computers out of paper and cardboard

    • They imagine what their computer can do

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Algorithms & Programming


Other material - CS Continuous Learning 1st grade

A 10 lesson plans package, 1 hour each to learn about:

  • Computing devices

  • Algorithm

  • Online digital footprint

  • Puzzle programming

  • Debugging