Program description

CS Continuous learning is a program started by Code for fun to bring a minimum of 10 hours of computer science in the classroom in grades K to 8 during a school year. We assemble, create, reuse curriculum to provide educators with a content they can use and adjust based on the audience. The goal is to integrate computer science into other subjects studied in class. Computer Science then becomes an accessory to learn or show your work and not a stand alone discipline.

We also provide training and support to encourage teachers to start teaching computer science during the school.

Finally, for schools who prefer a different model, our instructors come directly in the classroom to deliver the classes. If you are a school principal, a PTA member in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to see students learning Computer Science during the year, please contact us.

Lesson plans

Grade 1: Computer parts & Studio 1

Grade 2: Studio 2

Grade 3: Polygons with Scratch & Data Compression

Grade 4: California Missions with Scratch

Grade 5: 13 Colonies with Scratch

Grade 6: Solar System with Scratch

Grade 6: Diffusion of Sugar in the Blood Stream - Starlogo Nova

Grade 7: Algebra and Programming with Bootstrap 1

Grade 8: Abstraction with Bootstrap 2

Training & Support

Contact Us! if you would like us to conduct a training in your school

If your school district is looking for training opportunities, please contact us.

We also offer support in the classroom to help the teachers take the first leap into teaching computer science.