Bootstrap (Data Science)

Bootstrap (Data Science)

from 499.00

Date: Aug 20 - 24

Time: 9am - 3pm

Age: 14 to 17 years old

Location: Code For Fun - 42 School

6600 Dumbarton Circle - Fremont, CA 94555

What factors make some people live longer than others?
Are the schools in one part of your neighborhood better than schools in another part? 
Answering these questions involves collecting and analyzing data, from sports stats to record sales to census data. 

Our Data Science module teaches students to view programs as questions we ask of data. Students will form their own questions about the world around them, and learn how to analyze data critically and carefully to find answers. 

The techniques learned in the camp can be applied to business, science, and social studies to make inferences from data. The concepts learned in this camp form a solid basis for statistics and math.It also works great as a module for AP CS Principles’ unit on data!  

What makes this camp unique? 
This camp offers a rare opportunity to learn a highly in-demand topic from Dr. Emmanuel Schanzer - founder and creator of Bootstrap, which is the first national provider to offer an introductory Data Science course.

Watch TED Talk by Dr. Emmanuel Schanzer:: Recoding Education  (click on the link)
Bootstrap founder and co-director Emmanuel Schanzer speaks about the origins of Bootstrap, and the impact of teaching Computer Science and Algebra together.

Aftercare available at $150/week until 6 PM (check the option while signing up)

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