THanksGiving Owl Contest

Hey students! Are you ready to dress up 'Cody(our owl) like a turkey?
Enter onto our funny contest and get a chance to win a prize! Submit your Thanksgiving Cody to contact@codeforfun.com

Use the following template, and design your favorite costume!

For students K-5: Download and print this contest form and use crayons.  


All participants

  • shall submit a high resolution image (500*500 pixels minimum) if submitting a digital artwork
  • shall release the rights to Code for fun to use their image for their website, printouts and collaterals.
  • shall submit their artwork before November 27 midnight
  • shall not use copyrighted material (apart from the Code for fun Owl template provided) to create their artwork.
  • no words allowed in the design but the background can be customized